A History Lesson

I stumbled upon this clock in an auction in Chichester, West Sussex. At first glance, I thought it was a regular ship’s clock then, looking again, was puzzled by why it had feet.


On closer inspection I could see that the feet were in fact bullets and, on turning the clock around, found that it was made from a shell case. Apparently, a tradition started with soldiers in The Great War who would suspend shell cases to be struck as an alarm warning of gas attacks. Later, many of these were brought home and turned into souvenir dinner gongs, though why you would want to hear that sound again is a bit of a mystery! It seems this one was adapted in another way and has quite a different history to what I first suspected.

If you’re searching for a clock from a particular period, or associated with a certain line of work, let me know and I’ll keep a lookout for you.